• Order must be placed between June 1st 2023, and August 15th, 2023, to benefit the booking discount.
  • Orders can be delivered in 2 shipments starting February 1st to April 30th. If two deliveries are desired, each delivery must include a
  • minimum of 4 units. Immediate delivery orders are also possible.
  • All discounts will be calculated on the final invoice.
  • Orders must be processed through B2B Portal or sent to:
  • The booking discounts are not transferable to another year and cannot be accumulated over the years.
  • Obtaining booking discounts is conditional on payment within the terms.


Discount Level Acquired in Booking Period
For orders placed outside of the booking period, the retailer will benefit from the same «booking discount» tier previously determined during the booking period. If the retailer has not placed an order during the booking period, the applicable price is the BASIC price.

Terms of payment (n/30)
Payment terms will be indicated on your invoice when issued prior to delivery of the units. These terms will be determined based on the credit analysis at the time of the account opening. General payment terms are net 30 days. Please note that credit card payments will only be authorized for invoices of $3500 or less.

Default of Payment
Any payment exceeding 30 days may incur late fees of approximately 2% per month (24% per year). After 90 days, the file will be sent to a collection agent and a demand letter will be issued.


Shipping of all orders
Delivery is free for purchases over $8,000 at the same address. Free shipping takes into account discounts and is therefore the net dollar value. It is possible to make an appointment to pick up your merchandise for free at the MOS warehouse.

Return Shipping Costs
Shipping costs for returns are of the buyer’s responsibility. A $50 restocking fee per unit will be charged for any product returned to MOS. All returns and exchanges must be approved by MOS prior to returning the merchandise. A return authorization number will be provided. No refunds will be issued. A credit to the account will be applied.

When charges are covered by the buyer, the choice of the carrier is at the buyer’s discretion. The choice of the carrier, when shipped by MOS®, is at the seller’s discretion.


Repair and Replacement of Subassemblies
In case of damage, the purchase and replacement of subassemblies outside the warranty cannot be carried out by a retailer. MOS wishes to take 100% responsibility for all repairs and part repla- cement on its products. Contact MOS customer service at or by calling 1-877-980-6258 for a repair.

2-year limited warranty
All MOS products are covered by a limited 2-year warranty for the original purchaser of the product, provided that the product is used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A war- ranty claim must be properly completed by filling out our warranty form on our website. MOS will handle the warranty process.

Training Session
Training sessions will be available as needed by the retailer, and the frequency will be at the discretion of MOS.


Advertised pricing policy applicable online and in stores.
As a valued retailer/distributor of MOS products, we would like to inform you of our Canadian pricing and discount guide.

These guidelines are intended to preserve the reputation of MOS as a designer of quality outdoor experiences with no compromise. These guidelines are also intended to promote fair practices for our retailers/distributors who have invested resources to help build brand awareness.

These guidelines apply to all MOS products advertisements published online, in-store or by any other means.

  • Websites (yours or a third party’s);
  • Emails;
  • Any method using hypertext transfer protocol or a link to a shopping cart on the web (including pop-ups and personalized retargeting); – Google, Social and other digital ads (google ads, Facebook ads, etc.)
  • Click-to-price promotions, if the resulting price is less than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).
  • Television or radio commercials;
  • Distribution of promotional flyers or catalogues;
  • Advertisements in print publications, such as newspapers and magazines;

Minimum advertised prices must be the MSRP listed in the most recent MOS price lists and apply to all MOS products. Please note that there is no end date to the minimum advertised price policy.

At no time shall the retailer/distributor advertise prices below MSRP, with the exception of the following promotional periods, when they may apply a 10% discount to products.

  1. From the Wednesday before Black Friday to the following Sunday, for a total of 5 days;
  2. From December 26 to 31;

**Please note that MOS reserves the right to offer its retailers/distributors the opportunity to discount other products and at other times during the year. Any such discount policy, including the products covered, the maximum discounts and the duration of the covered sales, will be determined at the sole discretion of MOS® and communicated in writing to all retailers/distributors. MOS® also reserves the right to exclude certain products or models from the above sale periods. Such exclusions shall be determined at the sole discretion of MOS. Where applicable, retailers/distributors will be notified in writing of the products or models affected and the period during which the exclusion is in effect. **


Inclusion of MOS products in any promotion based on getting combined discounts, Buy one get one, or any other bundled promotion or ambassador/athlete/ club/etc. discount programs must be approved by the MOS team 15 days prior to the start of the distribution.

The inclusion of any MOS product in an advertised employee, friend and family sale does not constitute a breach of these guidelines. Exceptionally, the inclusion of MOS products in a Friends & Family sale is not permitted under the following circumstances:

  1. Offering the employee, friend and family discount to «privileged» customers who have provided the retailer/distributor with private contact information such as an email address, phone number, mailing address or other information;
  2. Offering the employee, friend and family discount to «privileged» customers who present a personalized proof of invitation outside of business hours (e.g. VIP evening);

Any advertisement that expressly or impliedly advertises a price that is lower than the MSRP (e.g., «price too low to display,» «price so low we can’t advertise,» «get the same price as our employees,» «instant rebate,» etc.) shall be deemed to be a breach of these guidelines;

Prices advertised or displayed in retail stores, including in-store checkout prices, prices on in-store signs, point-of-sale signs, hang tags, bar codes, and prices on in-store products or their packaging are subject to this minimum advertised price policy;

Promotions based on free delivery, installations and handling do not constitute a breach of these recommendations;

The purpose of these requirements is to develop a lasting partnership between MOS and its retailers/distributors. Failure of a retailer/distributor to meet the minimum advertised price recommendations may be taken into consideration when MOS evaluates future business relationships.

All inquiries regarding this document should be directed to Joey Hebert, President of MOS (


The retailer/distributor will have their account closed after 3 incidents of non-compliance: for each incident, the retailer/distributor will receive 1 warning (email OR call OR in-person meeting).


MOS® products are considered as carry over from season to season. There are no past season items.


Included for all order values:

  • Complete brand package (photo content, video content, 3D renders, logo, brand guidelines, graphic content for advertisements, etc.).
  • Promotional tools: brochures, stickers, authorized retailer sticker.
  • Personalized marketing asset creation support.
  • Interaction with our internal marketing manager.

Any advertising material (traditional or digital) created by the retailer must adhere to the brand guidelines provided by MOS and must be approved in advance by our marketing team.